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Vulnerability and Exploitation
Speaker: Harmony (Dust) Grillo

Harmony is the Founder and the Executive Director of Treasures, an organization that has been providing outreach and care to victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking for over 13 years. As a survivor, she has a unique insight into the complexities of finding freedom from exploitation. This workshop will take a deeper look at factors that lend themselves to victim vulnerability, including environmental and cultural factors, and will explore the tactics used by pimps and traffickers to lure their victims.

Mentoring: A Crucial Piece in Prevention
Speaker: Jennifer O'Farrell

Coming alongside youth who are already at risk due to poverty, family dynamics, adversity, or lack of other resources can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Come and learn how one-to-one mentoring can change the future of our kids, one child at a time.

A Local Picture of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation
Speaker: Kristen Dolan

Join us as we learn the basics of what Human Trafficking is, how to identify it, and how to report it. Come hear from Kristen Dolan, Anti-Human Trafficking Director for Operation SafeHouse and Victim Service Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, and hear about what trends they are seeing specifically here in our County.

A Framework For Understanding Poverty
Speaker: Melissa Herrmann

There are many factors that create our worldviews, values, and ways of doing life.  Our socio-economic class is just one of those factors, but a very powerful one.  It helps us frame what is important in life, helps us define what is funny, how authority should be viewed, and how relationships should be handled.  Our “economic-culture” can be looked at like a video game, with a specific set of rules that help you “win.”  However, when you try to operate in a new class your familiar rules no longer work because the game has changed. 

The rules of poverty and sex trafficking are about survival.   Yet, most rescue and restoration organizations operate under more of a middle-class “management” mindset with unspoken expectations that those in poverty do not know or understand.  Recognizing the mindsets, value systems, and hidden rules of each class are vital in bridging gaps as you journey with survivors through their process of restoration.

Protecting our Children Against Online Predators
Speaker: Jeff Udvarhelyi

The FBI estimates that there are over 750,000 predators online at all times. Come and learn the latest online trends and traps that are being set for our children. We should all be armed with the knowledge on how to prevent children from becoming “at risk” through their online activities and social media sites. Human trafficking needs to be battled in the cyber world, since most predators are moving in that direction.